Monday, May 12, 2008

Frank Sartor, the Planning Minister, is expected to drop controversial plans to allow government to acquire private land for developers, after rising public opposition from all political parties, including the Christian Democrats.
The property industry welcomed Sartor’s plans because they believed that it would cut red tape in the industry, but their support has waned after the Planning Institute of Australia said the planning act would still need to be redrafted.
If the changes went ahead, it would mean that the ability to acquire private land would rest in the hands of Sartor, who has been criticised for gathering too much power over property development to himself.
Sartor recently hit out at suggestions that he had too much control over individual developments, and appointed a three-member panel to advise him on contentious development projects. This would add another layer between the Planning Minister and the development process, and bring a halt to accusations that donations were a factor in his decisions on property development.

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